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Vous pouvez travailler, de sortir avec des amis et mme dormir ensemble, tandis que l'outil est occupé sur votre nom. Système Fibonacci précis, le système Fibonacci pour les options binaires est notre système plus précis, dans lequel la taille..
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La première s'achèvera aujourd'hui à 15 heures. Cependant, une nouvelle époque pour les ICO pourrait démarrer aujourd'hui, avec le lancement de celle de Kik ; la première organisée par une entreprise un tant soit peu renommée. Gardez vos..
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Art-phantom_lite ea

art-phantom_lite ea

this situation quicker, recovery must be quicker too and Profit Target would be reach with less pair movement. I start a new thread because I think this EA has enough potential to merit a separate one. The 3 pairs are: EUR/JPY (Athos USD/JPY (Porthos) and EUR/USD (Aramis The Three Musketeers. Trades could be: Buy Athos, Sell Porthos and Sell Aramis, so if D' Artagnan call The Three Musketeers and they are all together at the same time we have "all for one, one for all a perfect syntetic hedge.

Musketeers are only available once, twice or four times in an hour, depending the version. The Three Musketeers could use differents swords: EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, EUR/USD; or GBP/USD, EUR/GBP, EUR/USD; or GBP/JPY, EUR/GBP, EUR/JPY(Charvo' s Suggestion or any others you want to try. The EA is called Art Phantom for D' Artagnan because it opens real trades only for 3 pairs relevants for each session: EUR for London Session, USD for New York Session and JPY for Tokyo Session. Obviously trades could increase too. So all the gratitude to MC and everyone who has contributed. 2.- Art Phantom Full: possible call at min 15 and. These EA' s are in their first test stage so they need more time to know exactly their performance. Art Phantom Full: since, Gain: 3,46, max DD: - 6,10, Lowest Margin:.482,63, actually Floating P/L: 18,21.-, 8 trades open. Each 60 min for one version, 30 min for another version (Tim' s Suggestion) and each 15 min for the last version, D' Artagnan could call one of the Three Musketeers (sometimes two) in order to achieve the target (PP). You will learn a lot if you try.